Over the past year and a half or so, I have really been enjoying Killteam 40k . The game was announced way, way back in March of 2018 and subsequently released in the summer of that year. I have been enjoying the game so much that I even decided to launch my very own podcast for the game.

Just a side note; I will be discussing Killteam 40k the skirmish game and Warhammer 40,000 the large scale game interchangeably in this blog post. To make it quicker and easier to refer to each game, Kill Team 40k will just be Kill team and Warhammer 40,000 will be referred to as 40k.

The box set is jam-packed with a lot of really great content, but aside from two fantastic kill team squads, the most awesome aspect of the models in the set, is the beautiful terrain that you get.

This inspired me to get the airbrush out and paint up a tables’ worth of terrain. You can really get into a lot of detail for the game board, since an important part of game play tactics, is to utilise small pieces of terrain as cover and receive a benefit of making it harder for your opponent to shoot you (it reduces the the Ballistic Skill of the shooter). I know many 40k players have purchased the set for simply the terrain and sold off the remaining rules and minis. I picked up a few different kits and combined them to make some truly awe inspiring buildings.


Leading up to the release, I discussed with my main gaming friend about what factions we might pick up upon release. The box set contained both Genestealer Cult and Adeptus Mechanicus. Immediately the idea to work on a faction that was not in our existing gaming repertoire and so I picked the Ad Mech. On purchase of the box and reviewing the rules I really liked the ruleset of The Thousand Sons. They have the ability to be really tough, their standard bolters have an AP of 2 and their main heavy weapon, The Soulreaper cannon is a Heavy 4, str 5, AP 3 gun. From my point of view, it is one of the best weapons in the game. I was hooked and from the first week of release, I left the Ad Mech in the dust and focused on making my Thousand Sons MY faction. One of the strong game mechanics for the Thousand Sons was their psychic presence. They were one of only two factions in the Kill team game that access to psychic powers from the core rule book, so that meant one of only two factions that could take advantage of a whole phase in the game while many could only just sit by and take the hits, oh and their psychic ability is actually pretty great.

The Thousand Sons, mostly done.. well, enough to game with:

I looked at a few types of terrain colour schemes out there and after looking at one of Duncans’ painting tutorials I was sold. There were a couple of schemes that when used together from various painting tutorials, that gave it a nice blend of cool and uniqueness.

The main colour scheme for the walls  and metal work I took from this video:

Painting Sector Imperialis (video remains the property of Games Workshop)

The flooring was a particular challenge to get it the way I wanted. There just wasn’t anything that I liked until I saw this video…

Painting Sector Imperialis Flooring (video remains the property of Games Workshop)

To be honest it is a really hard find. When randomly looking for painting scenery for Kill Team, it doesnt come up for me in you tube playlists very often and once I spent a really long time trying to find it again (for some unknown reason). After much frustration I found it and decided to save it to a Kill team playlist on You Tube, that way I will have it in the spot where I need it.

There are times where I’ll paint just one part of a mini and although I may like it, I don’t always get a sense of the overall feel for the colour composition and that is exactly how I felt about this paint scheme. It wasn’t until I did the whole floor of the building, that sold me on the colours. I did put a bit of blind faith in Duncan’s eye and it turned out fantastic. The painting method did bring back an old love of mixing up a whole pot of a colour I knew I would use frequently. GW used to sell empty hexagonal mixing pots and it was so, so useful, definitely a luxury.



Premixed colours for my Space Wolves


Premix for my Iyanden Wraithlord

Back in the day there were many pots of colours I would just have lying around for a whole component of an army, once it was a very dark grey that I was using for my Space Wolves and another time it was the three colours of orange/ brown that I had for my Iyanden. I would have placed a bit of the paint colour on the top of the lid and once dried up, would write a little number to signify where it was in my process for painting the models. Those pots have now since dried up and am actually in the process of dumping them, also they are now, non existent and I used to buy them by the bucketloads; they were amazingly useful.


After a while of painting up the scenery and Thousand Sons I decided to try another army and since I was working on Deathwatch for 40k, I was in the Ordos Xenos mood, so I decided to build a Deathwatch Kill Team. That way I can also add them to my 40k army. I know it goes against my self imposed rule of working on factions of which I have no existing 40k list. Since the Deathwatch debacle of 2018 (blog post forthcoming… stay tuned), I wanted to redo some of the unit composition and so I thought to myself, I will add work on some Kill Team for Deathwatch and just plug them into the main 40k list.

As you can see here I have some work in progress minis and I wanted to take advantage of the tactics/ specialists from the core rule book for them, but couple that with the cool sculpts from the GW range of Primaris Marines to convey a real WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

Some of the Deathwatch Killteam as they are being worked on:



20200507_210933_Burst01_2 (1)

Along with the sweet Deathwatch Veterans, I also wanted to use the cool new Librarian model and combined it with components of the Dark Imperium Primaris Captain model to really give me a fantastic looking mini to lead the Kill Team.

There were two components that I found in my bits box, that I had to use and they just sell the model so well. One was a book from Mordheim and the other was just the perfect scale even though it was technically from a different game and that was a small Inquisitor “I” that was from the Deathwatch liking model Artemis, of Inquisitor a 54 mm scale game from 2001.




This conversion turned out to be one of my favourite recent projects. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the amount of robes on this Epistolary Librarian; it’s just too overboard for my tastes.




I used the helmeted head for this character, since it lends itself more to the Deathwatch Librarian, cut the psychic hood off, and filed it down to fit onto the area behind the head of the new Librarian.




For the body, legs and backpack I used the pieces from the captain model from the 8th Edition box set; Dark Imperium, which coincidentally has a really awesome cloak, befitting for a trooper of that status. Along with those components, I added from the existing Librarian model; the sword, arm and librarian shoulder pad, and finally the outstretched hand/ arm (casting the killing blow probably in the form of a well placed Smite). The Deathwatch shoulder pad  and the aforementioned Mordheim book and Inquisition “I” from from my bits box.

20200507_210957_2Once based I decided that it needed just a little “something else” and that little something was one of the servo skulls that I trimmed off from one of the Frag Cannon models for my Deathwatch army in 40k. It even had a little mini “I” on the skull forehead; PERFECT!

So all in all I think that the mini turned out pretty awesome, a great model to run alongside a Watch Sergeant. A definite centrepiece for the Kill Team. Let me know what you think of the conversion and what you have done for your special characters.


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