What They’re Saying…

Blood Angels Devastator unit (Games Workshop):

all heavy weapons

“You did a fantastic job with my Devastator squad.  I really like the details you put on the heavy weapons. They look awesome in my army.  Your quality / price ratio is one of the best I’ve seen. You keep me updated throughout the process and sent me a lot of pictures, I really like that. All this in a really short time. No doubt I’ll do business with you again, as soon you are ready.”

– Hugo Leclerc,  Feb’ 11, 2014

Black Templar unit (Games Workshop):

Black Templar crusader Veteran Sergeant

“I commissioned a squad of Black Templars tactical marines from Seismic and they did not disappoint. The attention to detail both in terms of the painting and the assembly of the squad made them a great addition to my army.  I especially liked the freehand work on the shoulder pads that really makes this unit. Jonathan even took the time to touch up the army’s Emperor’s Champion to make sure that he matched the new unit.  Overall, the squad is  fantastic and I can’t wait to commission another unit!”

-Michael Wallace, Feb’ 10, 2014


Aldern Foxglove (Paizo):

“Jonathan has done an amazing job, made my miniature stand out. He is quick and will continually update the progress.

Thank you again, and I’ll contact you as soon as I have another miniature coming in.”
– Eric Menard,  May 14, 2020

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