I love taking on commissions, in fact; it is the point of this blog. I always attempt to get a nice, quick turnaround for you so that you can get the model(s) on the tabletop and taking names as soon as possible.

If there is something you wish painted, throw out an email to and we can discuss the finer details of the work you would like me to perform.

To give you an idea of how I work, I don’t typically have a specific turn around time for the models. Sometimes it will take me less, rarely, it will take slightly longer,(depending on what I have in my painting queue). In order for me to have the job done right for all your needs, I have a method outlining how detailed you want your miniatures done.

Since I mainly play (and have done for a long time) Warhammer 40k, I specialize in Warhammer 40k and some Warhammer Fantasy Battles models. What that means, is that I know colour schemes and unit names, troop types for those ranges. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to take on some new and exciting model ranges, just tell me what you need and I can make it happen. As a matter of fact I encourage you to put me through my paces and am looking to paint up some Warmachine and soon to be released Mechwarrior models very soon.

As a promise to you: I am willing to work with your budget without any compromise to my painting standards.


The very first things that you need to consider when getting a model(s) commissioned are:

  1. The model you want painted and the level of detail to which it is to be painted.
  2. Conversions and sculpting, if any, to be performed.
  3. How detailed you want your base to be done.
  4. How the models are going to be coming to me. That is, am I purchasing them, or you?

This is basically it. Throw all of that info in an email to me, so that I have a starting point. Any finer details can be worked out after an initial contact email where we can discuss the painting further. All this information can be found below, so have a read and email me:

Since there are so many miniatures out there and every commission is taken on its own merit, I feel it is impossible to specifically price all models to the categories. As such, I don’t follow a particularly strict rubric, stating which models specifically fall in each place. Please describe the level of work for the models in your initial email. The categories below are for a guide, so that both parties have a good idea of the purpose of the model(s), whether it be for gaming or showcase. The models shown are just a very basic guide and by no means exhaustive.

Level 1

This is a straightforward paint job that is aimed to get a mass of models onto the table for you.  Whether you need minimal highlights or shading,  I can tailor a job to suit your needs. Perfect for large squads, units of 8 or more and especially mass quantities of units, neatness is key here, so the turn around time is reduced by a simple, clean approach to the model. I don’t perform Level 1 for characters (ie single figures). Essentially, the paint job on a model will be a simple three colour scheme. Remember; this is a basic paint job and reserved for painting large amounts of models.

Level 2

This is obviously a more detailed paint job. This is the standard that I prefer to paint units at. As with my own armies; I like to paint models to level 2 so that they “pop” on the battlefield.

A combination of base coat, wash, shading and highlights are used where applicable to give the miniature definition . This category is an absolute minimum job for characters. Any special or rare models from Warhammer Fantasy Battles would also begin here as a minimum paint job.

Level 3

If I am painting a unit to this level, I am going to take the time to make it look beautiful. Here, I will be more than happy to add some freehand work, if required, whether that be on the inside of cloaks, on parchments and scrolls or even chapter and army symbols (I consider myself quite proficient at painting chapter symbols freehand).

The majority of the model will have had the usual base/ wash or glaze/ highlight but I will take the highlights to a much higher standard. I will perform any NMM or source lighting at this painting level also. If there is battle damage or other weathering required for the model, I can paint it at this stage.

Level 4

Special Characters start at this level. ie Abbaddon, Marneus Calgar, Lysander. I rarely paint units and squads to this level (since level 4 will be very time consuming for multiple models, prior discussions regarding this needs to happen). I can also reserve this paint job for the leader of a unit or army, like an exarch, Vet Sgt. or champion, if you want him/her to stand out from the rest of the unit. I can accomodate any source lighting and/ or NMM techniques here, as can weathering and damage. Large Warhammer Fantasy war machines can be painted at this level, as can monstrous creatures and 40K tanks/ vehicles. If a model has a considerable amount of sculpting, then it’s paint job will fall into this category to reflect the price.

Level 5

I reserve this level of painting to models that are going to be that showcase piece. Whether you want it for the battlefield of just to show off the beautiful sculpt, anything painted to this standard will need to have extra time devoted to getting things just right. Anything goes for characters/ single figures. Take a look at any of the previous painting level descriptions, It’s just gonna take some extra TLC (and time).


You can send me your models already prepared and assembled if you wish. Since I hate mold lines and flashing with a passion, I can provide a much more professional result if I clean and assemble the models for you. For anything large and overly complicated, ie Forge World resin and the larger of the GW models, there will be a small cost incurred, since it takes a lot of time to get the models to where I want them for painting.

Assembly also will include cleaning of mold lines, cleaning release agent (in the case of Forge World Resin), pinning if required and major gap filling with green stuff.


I have decided upon a tier system for basing models, since sometimes there can be just as much detail on a base, as with the miniature itself.

  • Standard Basing= FREE!
  • Standard Basing Upgraded= $0.25 per model
  • Deluxe Basing= $0.50 per model
  • Premium Basing= $0.75 to $1.25 per model
  • Specialty Base= $1.75 to $3.00 per model

Standard Basing

Sand, and painted one colour (or unpainted if required). This is the minimum standard that I will base a model. If you are looking for the basics, then this is right up your alley and will be provided free of charge.

Standard Basing (Upgraded)

This is a much more visually appealing base taken to the next level from the standard Basing level.The base comes painted and will given flock/ static grass to give variety, no matter what scenery you play upon.

This base is a notch up from the very basic level. Take not of the grass, which has even been weathered to reflect age.

This base is a notch up from the very basic level. Take note the grass, has had some weathering to reflect age.

Deluxe Basing

This basing standard will have all of the above, but I will include on each base some small decorations like a skull, parts of a particular foe (type must be specified otherwise will be random) or smaller rocks and branches.

Premium Basing

 This level of basing will utilize scenery from the Warhammer and/or the Warhammer 40k basing kits. Please select the desired scenery, ranging from:

  • Fine slate gravel= 0.75 cents (great for ash waste bases) per model (p.m.).
  • Medium slate/gravel= 0.80 cents p.m.
  • Large slate rocks= 0.90 cents p.m.
  • Resin pieces = $1.00 per model for two small pieces and $1.10 per model for a larger piece (skulls, marine helmets, shell casings, pipes and tubes)
  • Combination of all four options= $1.25 p.m.

The large slate rocks and resin pieces will have some sand and small pebbles also to fill in areas as required.

Specialty Basing

This is a base that has had some extra special request made, whether it be custom ordered resin bases, or sculpting work done by me.

  • Resin Base selected to fit the theme of the models= $1.75 per base (includes painting and any of the following materials: Sand/ Small Rocks and stones/ Fine Slate/ Medium Slate/ Static Grass). I have many more styles, but the pics below just give an idea of what they look like.
  • Sculpted Base= $3.00 and up per base.                                                                         This is a special request and will need concept work done to ensure the needs of you, the client are met. Includes painting and any of the following materials: Sand/ Small Rocks and stones/ Fine Slate/ Medium Slate/ Static Grass. Reserved only for Level 5 models.

Conversions Of Models

I am more than happy to convert models for you, as a matter of fact it’s one of the parts of the hobby that I enjoy most. If you require me to purchase the models to be used in the conversion, the the ENTIRE cost of the model that will be chopped apart, needs to be included in the initial payment, ie: If the Iron Halo from Sister Celestine and maybe also her sword is to be used for a Space Marine Chapter Master, then the full cost of $30 (from the Celestine) will need to be included in the initial payment. It’s just to cover my butt if the commission gets cancelled for some reason. If I have the model bits in my bits box, then there is no upfront charge for the pieces, just the cost of working on the conversion.


If kits for conversions are purchased on behalf of a client, any extra bitz will not be returned. This will allow me to keep the cost down for the client (see conversions above). If it is imperative that the bitz get back to you, then let me know in your initial email.

Matching Existing Paint Schemes

If there is something existing that you would like me to replicate, either from an existing model, or a photo, please ask. All that I ask is that you understand that matching can, at times, be difficult due to factors such as lighting, past techniques used by the original painter. I will do my best to match what I can and I can definitely work with general paint schemes.You can always end me an example of an existing model, so that I can get it just right.

Rush Orders

Unfortunately under most situations, I don’t rush orders, simply because that may mean having to “bump” someone’s commission aside to work on yours. Simply put, you wouldn’t want to wait longer because I had someone request a rush. The ONLY time, time I could rush something is if there isn’t anything on queue to be painted. I will always bump my own models aside and paint the rush order then. Please ask me in your email and outline when you would need it back.

Additional Notes

The Quote

All quotes for a model are taken on the merits of each model. If a model is painted to a certain level, it most definitely could be painted to a higher level next time if you so desire. There are so many different models out there in the hobby universe, that I always look at factors like style and theme of paint job, time to assemble (or not if you provide it assembled) and cleaned up, how you want on the base done, extra conversions /bits added and number of models to be done. All of these can affect the time I wish to put into the model and of course; price of the commission.

The E-mail

Please email with all details of what you want done for the job. Include as much information on the army, but if it is a straightforward army like Blood Angels, Ultramarines, Dark Angels, then the paint job is up to me. If there are particular company markings, squad markings etc, then let me know. Please also include whether you would prefer black or white for the undercoat (but don’t be silly and ask for a black undercoat for Imperial Fists or white for a Black Templar army, I will refuse) and just how you would like the base done, including colour for that. It can be useful to attach photos or links to sites of your ideas for what you want.

If I have any jobs on the go at the time of your email, I will let you know and also just when I can feasibly begin and finish. If you need something done in a pinch to get it to a tournament or a games night, then let me know and I may be able to work something out.

You will always have the option to send me the model(s), or have me pick it/them up from my local games store. If you wish for me to purchase the model(s) on your behalf, then the full cost of the models incurred by me (ie: shipping and duty) will always be included in the initial payment for the commission, along with 50% of the quote. If there are any conversions (ie bits swap) to be performed then I may have to wait for all the components are in my possession, before I can begin.

The Initial Payment  (via PayPal)

Once I have everything in place and the initial payment for the commission, then I will let you know that I have started the work. I will keep you updated for the duration of the commission with e-mails and photographs, so if there is something major that needs to be done, then you can let me know, but if there is no response to my work, then I will just keep on as is, until finished.

The Final Payment (via PayPal)

When I have completed the work, then I will let you know via e-mail. I will also let you know of the different costs to ship to you and insurance. I then require the final 50% of the commission fee to be sent to me, in addition to any shipping fees. I require all final payments within 4 weeks of the email stating i have completed the job. If I have not received it within that time, then I reserve the right to sell the piece(s). I only have so much time to paint and if I waste time on work that I am not paid for, then I need to be paid for my time.

Packing and Sending The Models

I will pack the commission in bubble wrap for you and every attempt to protect it from damage will be taken. Sometimes shit happens and if you get broken models, simply send them back to me and I can either fix it, or keep the model and refund your money. When I post the model(s) there will be tracking numbers provided to you via email so you can see the models travel from me to you.

When you receive your models, I would love to hear what you think of them and if you are happy to provide a testimonial, I would include it on this blog. Also by you commissioning me to paint your models, you allow me to post any and all photographs for this blog.

Referral Program

Word of mouth is so important to me. If you tell your friends about my work and they utilise my services, have them mention your name and generally what it was that I painted for them, then I will love to give you 5% discount off the total cost for your next piece that I am commissioned to work on for you. I really appreciate repeat customers, so I wish to reward you if I can.

Reach me at I look forward to painting your models soon…

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