Completed Pieces

Salamanders Redemptor Dreadnought

Aldern Foxglove

Well before the Coronavirus hit the world and rocked our way of life (as I post this, Ottawa has been feeling the effects since mid March and it is now early May) a client reached out to me and asked me to paint something for the Pathfinder system. The character of Aldern Foxglove is a really interesting character, since he is a noble, but underneath a mask, lies a Dread Ghast.

20200506_205245_2.jpgNow I love the current versatility of 40k minis and just how many components can make up some of the larger models. The design of minatures coming out of companies at the moment is just superb, but if you take a look at Aldern on the left, he was just one single piece of a metal mini. Some thing has to be said for just opening up a mini, file it up and clean up what mould lines there are, glue it into the base and you are ready to hit it with a  brush.

The simplicity of the mini is what makes it great to paint up in an evening. The robes are just a vibrant blue and the juxtapose of the noble nature of the character next to a startling design of the Dread Ghast head and hands make this really fun to paint.

20200506_205232_2.jpg   20200506_205123_2.jpg


The sculpt was really quite nice and this is my first Pathfinder mini. I hope that some more find their way to me soon.

Thanks for visiting; Jonathan.