I love to paint and the models shown below, have been painted for my personal collection. Unfortunately due to the time and dedication put into these models, I am not going to be selling them as I do use them for my gaming.

If there is something here that you like, please send me an e-mail and I would love to replicate the paint job for a commission request. Sometimes the length of time spent on some of these, may mean a higher cost associated.

I am very proud of my personal work, so please look through the gallery’s sub-categories and let me know what you think I always appreciate constructive criticism.

You are welcome to view my gallery of miniatures on Cool Mini Or Not (CMON):

Here are a few more examples of my work:

Sgt. TelionOrk Nob_DSC1689Aurora Chapter Vet SgtTechmarine_DSC1691-2 Veteran Sgt (Games Day model)ShadowsunDwarf D&D miniature

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