Work In Progress

The latest piece that I am working on for a client is a Salamander Redemptor Dreadnought. This thing. IS. COOL. I think I will have to get one for The Aurora Chapter.


Current progress is that I have sculpted the scales on the leg and done the base to be something cool. I used a custom sculpting system to give me some larger cracked ground surface and in between using Agrellan Earth for the smaller cracks.


Once that dried I used some Mod Podge to seal the Agrellan Earth down and prevent it from lifting off. Mod Podge is THE SHIZZ. It is a resin/ glue sealer that helps life so much. I have found many uses that in the past I used to just use PVA glue watered down The main use was that I used to paint the mini first, then base it up with sand. Over that sand I would use watered down PVA, but since I found this, I can’t turn back. One great use that you may not know about is that it is great for sealing over weathering powders…it dries rock hard and there is no way the powder is coming away, you can find it at so many places that sell anything arts and craft.


Any spots that inadvertently lifted , I hit will Vallejo Ground Texture; Rough Grey Pumice. This stuff is pretty phenomenal for getting to small spots that you have missed, or  just can’t get to normally. It sets rock hard and I love it. This one is a bit harder to find and you need to go to a specialised FLGS for this one.


A couple of things that I wanted to hit for my client, even though he says I have free reign….

I intend on sculpting scales on some areas of the Dreadnought and freehand flames on one shoulder pad, along with the Salamander chapter symbols. Scales were completed this evening…

Some things that he specifically requested was that I give it a gritty/ realistic look and I intend on doing that with a mix of hitting the legs and feet with a little of the colour that I am doing the base with. I am also going to do some chipping on areas that would take some wear and tear He also asked for a good amount of brass and gold, which are traditional colours of Salamanders.

By  utilising the airbrush, I can get some popping transitions and really wow him.

Hopefully that this model will impress.

Thanks for visiting!

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