Space Hulk 2009

Don’t worry; there are photographs on their way…

I was very excited to hear of the revamped re-release of every 40k gamer’s favourite; Space Hulk. Back when it was first released in 1989, it was a very different game, in that it was more akin to a board game, simply set in the 41st millennium. Aside from being a general overhaul, this new edition had one huge factor going for it; the models produced for it were going to be absolutely spectacular. The good news is that they are phenomenal sculpts.

I decided to paint up the models in the set as part of my Aurora Chapter space marine army, but the first thing that I needed to do was convert them from being from the Blood Angels Chapter. This involved much trimming off of blood droplets and sculpting my own chapter symbols onto the shoulder pads.

As it stands I have only painted around eight models, but there are more coming. Also the game came with a healthy number of tyranid models, so it goes without saying, that if I paint up the marines, then the tyranids will definitely need a coat of paint or two.

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