Hobby Beginnings (part 2)

Well, I had decided on undertaking The Aurora Chapter as my army. The colour was nice, the rules were simple for a newbie, that is I didn’t have to go and get Codex Space Wolves or Angels of Death.

I then headed out to expand my abilities for the army, in the form of Dark Milennium. This add on was a box that had all sorts of cool wargear cards and as I was taking a dreaded Librarian, my opponent was done. He had planned on using the Orks and there was no way to stop me with my new, cool wargear. I also had another secret weapon; an Eversor Assassin, which would absolutely decimate my opponent’s Orks.

Little did I know he actually had been scheming to build a brand new army, one that I didn’t know much about and that were the TYRANIDS! Well that begun the famous war between The Aurora Chapter and Tyranids. Over time as the armies developed and new editions were released, both of us have “evolved” our lists to combat each other better and better. The Aurora have started taking much more bolter weaponry, both in the form of heavy bolters, and storm bolters. I started toying with a Whirlwind, and a Land raider Crusader. Now I even though I havent played against Steve in a long time (I moved overseas) I have now taken a Thunderfire Cannon, simply since my mindset is heavy firepower in the form of making my opponent take armour save, after armour save and whittle him down with the saves he fails. A sheer amount of firepower is the key.

Now The Aurora Chapter’s third company is almost completely painted. The most recent tidbit of information about the Chapter had mentioned that they take a large contingency of Predators,(news to me) there should be some more rolling out from the Manufatorums on Mars, also I just have to paint up one or two more tactical squads and also, with a Thunderhawk slowly, and i mean slowly being done, an Apocalypse game is in the works, we will just see when we can get that organised.

It is really interesting to see just how the Tyranids have evolved with the latest edition being a shootier game and it’s all about scoring units, time will tell.

Hobby Beginnings

So I was introduced to this amazing new hobby, this brand new world that was to me, as cool as Star Wars. This is a world that has such a rich background that it was almost like an overload to my science- fiction senses. I had to do it, I went out and purchased my own copy of Warhammer 40k second edition:

40k 2nd edition

This box set not only had great models, intricate and interesting rules, but most interesting to me at the time was the background to the genesis of a space marine and the history of just how the Emperor was betrayed by Horus, a series that those of us immersed in the hobby have come to understand as The Horus Heresy. This background “fluff” to the creation of a space marine was, well it was absolutely awesome and had me hooked.

My good friend who got me involved in the hobby would play games against me on weekends and sometimes in the evening. Sometimes I would take the Space Marines, sometimes I would play as the Orks, but my calling came in the form of the following three words: The Aurora Chapter.

I had recently bought what was known as the Ultramarine Codex, since I had initially grabbed the Chaos Codex, but I wanted to utilise what was in the core box set. In looking through the Codex, I found it. The colour scheme that would pave the way for the entirety of my 40k hobby life.

To be honest, back in the 2nd ed. days there wasn’t much variation to each of the space marines found in the Codex Ultramarines, so it came down to colour and how they were painted up. But I really gravitated to the simple colour scheme for The Aurora Chapter; deep emerald green, green highlights, shoulder pad trim colour (in the case of the example in the Codex, black) and bone Imperial Eagle.

Sounds simple right? Well, I had also gotten my hands on a painting guide done by ‘Eavy Metal painter Mike McVey. I knew I wanted to be as good as a painter as he is.

Over the next year or so I just kept on painting and painting. I didn’t fall into the trap known as Warcrack 40k, well not yet, or so I had thought.

I will revisit my hobby beginnings in a future post, one where the forces of The Aurora Chapter found their true foe (well my friend Steve found THE army to combat the strength of The Aurora) and just how The Aurora Chapter evolved to battle this bitter enemy.