Warhammer 40k Black Templars

I have so far completed two commissions for the Templars. The beauty of these lie in their attention to the details. The robes, parchments and scrawl work on the shoulder pads all lend to their character.

Crusader Squad


I think that Templars in the past have looked pretty menacing with their jet black armour, accented with their stark white shoulder pads, but since Games Workshop released the Templar upgrade kit, the addition of the robed chest pieces help bring the style of the army to a whole new level.

Sternguard Veterans

I took some liberties here with the colour scheme. Since there is no ruling on the veteran helmets as with a Codex chapter Space Marine army, I was able to run with something that helped the unit stand out on the field as something special and a unit that deserves caution when seen on the battlefield. I decided to paint the helmets in a bone scheme, but different from that of the robes and parchments. This, along with their specially designed shoulder pads, parchments and their new and improved boltguns, goes to highlight their elite status.

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