Warhammer 40k Aurora Chapter

Aurora Chapter Space Marines

These models are a long continuation of my very first painted army, continuing on with the colour scheme, the army has won me many a game and have lost just as many. Along the way I have picked up painting accolades for my neat and crisp paint job. With the newest release of a codex, there is always a new addition to the army, always trying something new with my game.


I have a huge number of models in the army, but here are just a few more pics:

The dreadnought was one of my very first models way back in 2nd edition 40k. The Landraider Crusader, a recent addition to the list just needs a few more details picked out.

Being my very first 40k army, there’s A LOT of painted Aurora Chapter space marines. If I were to put them all up at once, it would be a very long post, so come back from time to time and check out new pics.

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