Warhammer Fantasy

I have generally been a Warhammer 40,000 gamer and painter, so when it comes to working on Warhammer Fantasy models, I generally look at models that excite me as an artist. There have been many times when I have attempted to build and collect a fantasy army (Skaven, Dwarves and Tomb Kings) but the fiction surrounding the world of 40k always pulls me back.

Here are some examples of Warhammer fantasy models that got me excited enough to add a spot of paint to…

The following two models I love for two different reasons. Firstly, the manticore conversion that I have done allowed me to work on an easy but awesome conversion by using the Dark Elf Lord Malus Darkblade on such a large model. The Wood Elf was a Mordheim release and when it came out as part of White Dwarf release, I felt it was a very different elf model than I had seen before. I just had to paint it up. I actually used it as my D&D character.

The two Skaven models below are a little testament to how my style has changed over the years. I painted up assassin Snikch way back in the late ’90’s and I was still learning techniques. My palette moved from a very bright one where I used many different colours on the same model (reds, greens and deep blues); to a more recent paint job on Throt;The Unclean, where I would use a colour or two and vary it up a little. It goes without saying that the models themselves allow for these palettes, its just that much more pronounced with Snikch.

A couple of miscellaneous minis that I just had to get my mitts on to; the DemonSlayer (a Games Day 2006 release) and my D&D dwarf.

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